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Consulting services

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Our consulting services help you To analyze your organic and paid channels, report based on your goals, and plan to achieve your goals.

Website Analysis with Google Analytics

What’s it?

It’s about looking through your Website Data recorded by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics tracks and records every behavior on your website and displays it in many categories and filters. 

How do we do it?

We execute deep analysis utilizing Google Analytics features, which have many obvious and hidden benefits within. 

Not everyone can look up the data and insights that matter. 

So, you have to pick your analysts carefully. 

Why do you need it?

Without recognizing current data and where your business is, we can’t draw our future steps that align with your business goals.

Google Facebook Ads Analysis

Google & Facebook Ads Analysis

What’s it?

Consulting services here Similarly to digging into website data, but now it’s on a smaller portion, which is an Ad campaign.

Whether a Google or Facebook Ad campaign, there are specific platforms that track and record the Ad campaign metrics. 

How do we do it?

We examine your audience persona and Ad campaign goals, seek out specific metrics to analyze your past Ad campaign, and then match data.

On that wise, we can step up and improve the future Ad campaigns.

Why do you need it?

As discussed, we need to recognize what works and what doesn’t. Thus, we focus on the things that work well and alter the rest. And you win better ad campaign performance.